Ponds FC Team Photo Schedule

Team photo schedule is below.

Times are when your photo will be taken. So please arrive a little earlier ensure order forms are filled in and handed to manager, all players are dressed in full uniform, lined up ready to go. Times cannot be changed.

Sat 17th June

740am - U12/4

750am- U10 Dolphins

8am- U9 Kookaburras

810am- U8 Magpies

820am- U5 Kangaroos

830am- U5 Kookaburras

840am- U6 Koalas

850am- U6 Lions

9am- U6 Magpies

910am- U6 Kangaroos

920am- U12/1

930am- U9 Kangaroos

940am- U8 Lions

950am- U10 Echidnas

10am- U6 Kookaburras

1010am- U6 Sharks

1020am- U8 Kangaroos

1030am- U9 Dolphins

1040am- U10 Sharks

1050am- U7 Kookaburras

11am- U8 Sharks

1115am- U7 Koalas

1130am- U11 Kookaburras

1145am- U14/4

12noon- U7 Magpies

1215pm- U16/2

1230- U20/2

Sunday 18th June

10am- U20 Girls

1015am- AA5

1030am- U14 Girls

1045am- U12 Girls

11am- AA4

1110am- AA6

1115am- AA10

1130am- AAL4

1145am- AA7

12noon- AAL3

Fri 23rd June

715pm- 30W Red

730pm- 35/1

745pm- 35/6

8pm- 35/3

830pm- 30W White & 35/5

Sat 24th June

8am- U11 Whales

815am- U8 Echidnas

830am- U5 Sharks

845am- U8 Kookaburras

9am- U7 Echidnas

915am- U11 Echidnas

930am- U7 Sharks

945am- U5 Echidnas

10am- U6 Echidnas

1015am- U9 Echidnas

1030am- U13/4

1045am- U7 Whales

11am- U9 Sharks

1115am- U7 Wombats

1130am- U15/3

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